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MeinMic - sounds better!

And that's exactly what it's about! We all have the same goal: to give audio the sound it deserves to a wonderful song, poignant voice and intoxicating instrument.

Even as an experienced singer, composer and producer you are often on the lookout to find exactly what you need. The optimal sound and the perfect listening experience are the basis for creating unique music. But which product is the right one?

MeinMic was founded in 2012 by Matthew Tasa, who decided to test professional audio products in his own studio and then only distribute the products that have passed the practical test in music production and have completely convinced. Great sound is guaranteed!

MeinMic stands for "High Quality" and products, such as pre-amps and microphones, which are harmoniously and precisely matched to each other. This high-quality technique, which can be adapted in its individual components, achieves such a first-class sound quality when recording vocals, speech and instruments, as only known from well-known national and international studios.

But high quality should still be affordable! Therefore, only products were included in the range, which in addition to the heart and ears also give the account a smile.

About Matthew Tasa:

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