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Acoustic Modules & Studio Furniture at MeinMic - Personal Acoustic Consultation Included

In our product range, you'll find a wide selection of items to help you optimize the room acoustics in your home studio or recording studio.

An essential element for good room acoustics is acoustic absorbers and sound absorbers. These specialized products ensure that unwanted reflections and disruptive reverberation times are minimized. Our acoustic absorbers provide an effective solution to enhance the sound in your studio and enable precise monitoring. In addition to absorbers, we also offer a variety of diffusers. These ensure even distribution of sound waves in the room and prevent unwanted flutter echoes. Diffusers are particularly important in larger rooms or professional recording studios to achieve a natural and spatial sound reproduction.

To address low-frequency issues, we recommend using bass traps. These specialized acoustic elements selectively absorb low-frequency sound waves, reducing excessive bass in your space. By incorporating bass traps, you can achieve a balanced and precise bass reproduction. To enhance the aesthetics of your room while improving acoustics, we also offer acoustic panels. These panels are covered with acoustic fabric and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. By using high-quality fabrics, such as those from our manufacturer Camira, we ensure high sound absorption and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our range includes a wide range of acoustic fabrics from the manufacturer Camira. Camira is renowned for its top-quality fabrics specifically designed for the requirements of room acoustics. These fabrics not only offer excellent sound absorption but also come in a wide selection of colors to add a personalized touch to your studio. Additionally, GIK Acoustics' products offer you a vast selection of wood patterns and customization options.

A well-designed working environment is crucial for productivity and creativity. At MeinMic, you'll find studio furniture specifically designed to meet the needs of audio professionals, offering both functionality and comfort. Our ergonomic studio desks and workstations are crafted from high-quality materials, providing a stable and solid work surface. They offer ample space for your audio equipment, monitors, keyboards, and controllers, allowing you to optimize your equipment setup. Organize your devices and accessories neatly with Infitronic studio racks and Monkey Banana monitor stands. Our racks are robust and provide sufficient space for amplifiers, effects units, audio interfaces, and more. They facilitate a well-organized equipment layout and easy access during your work sessions.

In our online shop, you'll find everything you need for optimal room acoustics and aesthetics in your home studio or recording studio. Create the perfect sound environment with our acoustic absorbers, diffusers, bass traps, acoustic panels, and high-quality acoustic fabrics. Enhance your working environment and workflow with our studio furniture and achieve professional results in music production or audio recording. Order now and experience the difference!

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